Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dear Santa...

This week I've been spending much of my time in front of the computer in a kind of paralysed fashion as I try to work out who's getting what for Christmas.  The worst part is having to co-ordinate the purchase of stocking fillers and this has taken me via a great number of websites while I attempt to compile a list (or five!).  I thought that seeing as I've spent so much time thinking about the children this week it might also be fun for me to compile my own Christmas present wish list.  With five children to buy for, dh and I don't often buy each other a gift.  We'd generally rather spend our money on really nice food and some good wine as a reward for all of our undercover work as "Santa" anyway.  If, however, we had an unlimited budget, these are the things that I'm coveting just for me.

As you may gather, I do a lot of school runs - 3 a day on average, so because I spend so much time doing this it is important to me to look the part and be able to stay warm and dry in the winter.  My wardrobe is suffering a little at the moment.  To add insult to injury I have seen several people at the school gate and even my own mother sporting beautiful winter coats from Seasalt Cornwall.  To say I am envious is an understatement.  Not only are the coats warm but they are really waterproof.  Mum has the North Star Coat in a sort of grey/black shade which is really lovely.  As it happens thats my favourite one too but in order to avoid looking like her as well as sounding like her, I'd plump for a different colour.

I look JUST like this on the school run - honest

In addition to this I'd love a new pair of winter boots.  I've been coveting a brown pair of mid calf boots for some time, but never seem to be able to justify the spend - then I bitterly regret not buying them all winter.  Well, that's happened again this year too, but if I could I'd have these ones from Clarks.

National Sugar Boots by Clarks - £89.99

To complete the look, I'd really like a new bag, a waterproof one of course! (Can you tell it rains a lot where we live?)  My favourite one at the moment would have to be this Garden Bird Cross Body Bag from Cath Kidston.  I love the dark colours - a must when there are small children about.

I have a bit of a thing for bird prints too

When I think of Christmas I remember all of those gift sets of overly smelly toiletries that relatives used to give me as a teen (I don't think they were trying to tell me I needed a bath - I hope!) and I do still quite like that sort of thing now I'm a fully fledged grown up.  Last year we bought my mother in law a great little set from Bomb Cosmetics for Christmas.  The trouble was that when she opened it I instantly wished I'd bought one for myself too.  They have some wonderful Christmas themed sets this year and at £12.99 I think even the kids should be able to club together to get me one!

Pocket Money Prices! *stares hard at children*

If they were feeling especially flush I'd quite like some make-up from Benefit Cosmetics.  There are so many lovely sets to choose from, I'm not sure where to start!  As long as there was lip gloss of some sort in it, they couldn't go too far wrong.

Lip Gloss and Blusher - what's not to like?

I couldn't forget something for our home, after all, when I'm not doing the school run I'm generally here!  Before the children came along I had a pretty impressive collection of Alessi Kitchen and home-ware.  I used to really enjoy collecting it and displaying it all, however, most of it has now made way for more practical and child friendly items - even my whistling kettle is now in the loft :(.  On my search for presents this week, this Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Basket caught my eye - very stylish and also big enough to hold all the fruit that we consume as a family in a week!

This would have pride of place in the middle of my kitchen table

I'd also like this wonderful smelling reed diffuser from John Lewis.  I love the last one that we had from Heyland and Whittle, but it has all gone now and I really miss the uplifting scent it provided.

Of course, this is all fantasy (unfortunately) and so I'll never actually get any of it unless I save hard for ever a while.  So to finish off my list I think I'd better make the last thing a present for my dh.  If he bought me even one or two items off my list he would really deserve it after all.  It's from Emma Bridgewater who are local to us and best of all its in the sale! (Although if it was full price I'd still get it for him).

Yeah!  He even cooks the Christmas lunch so this is totally deserved

Having said all of this, while its rather nice to get piles of presents on Christmas morning, after the events of the last few weeks I'll be rather glad to just have my all family around me on the big day.  I know I will enjoy seeing my children's faces as they open their presents far more than I'd enjoy any gift of my own and so with that in mind I'm off to carry on my Christmas shopping and attempt to find them all something they'll love.  With a bit of luck I may even get it all finished before the beginning of December...

What are you planning for Christmas, any good gifts?  I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

This is not a sponsored post - if it was then there would probably be an outside chance of me owning this stuff.  All ideas are sadly just in my head...

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