Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Why We Love: Skylanders

If, like me, you are a parent of a small boy or two it probably won't have escaped your notice that there is a series of computer games for the major consoles called Skylanders.  We were first introduced to them a few years ago when ds1 asked for a starter set for Christmas.  At a cost of about £60 it wasn't cheap but came with the game, character figures and a "portal of power" on which the figures are placed.

We dutifully bought ds1 this and relatives chipped in with other character packs so that he had a good set to start with.  The game is an adventure game aimed at ages 7 and up and is played via an Xbox (which we have), Wii or Playstation 3 games console.  The portal, which you recieve with the starter pack, plugs into the console and allows any of the character figures you place onto it to appear in the game so that you can play as your chosen character.  Ds1 loved the variety of this and he and his friends who all played the game swapped notes as to which figures were the best to get and who had what.  It all became quite competitive!

Last year the sequel Skylanders Giants was launched.  Ds2 was keen to purchase it having seen his brother play the original game and so he bought the additional pack (new game and one giant figure) which we could place on the existing portal.  Ds1 had outgrown the original game and so very generously gave his younger brother all his figures, which also worked within the new game.  Ds2 started his own collection of the figures and now has an army like quantity and spends hours (when I let him) "levelling them up" (whatever that is) and planning which to get next.

As a parent, it makes a nice change from all the gory 18 rated games which my boys are so keen to own.  I have seen ds1 and ds2 gain so much pleasure from not only playing the games but also from the additional element of collecting the different sets of figures.  Ds2 likes the books based on the series too, particularly the strategy guides (and I'm pleased as long as it encourages him to read more!).

Ds2 has been eagerly awaiting the new game, Skylanders Swap Force, until this week that is!  Six months worth of hard saved pocket money and birthday money and I can hear him shrieking with delight playing the new game as I type this.  The basic premise from what I can gather, is that several of the characters are now swappable and so further characters can be made by mixing the top of one with the bottom of another.  Ds2 informs me he's just made Wash Zone, which sounds more like the local launderette than a character from a computer game, but what do I know?  From what I can hear so far it seems to be just as good, if not better than the other two games in the series.  I have one very happy 8 year old indeed!  It is certainly a pricy hobby, with figure packs ranging from about £8.99 to £24.99 but I have been impressed by the fact that the original figures we bought for ds1 are still used in the current game, so no wasted pocket money!

So, from ds2 and I, Happy Swaptober!

This is not a sponsored post.  We bought the products mentioned ourselves and are just sharing our thoughts on them.

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