Monday, 28 October 2013

Lego Saves the (Rainy) Day!

The half term holidays are nearly over, thank goodness, but what do you do with five very bored children on a wet and windy afternoon?  Well, as a mother of five I'm quite used to this scenario, so earlier on this week I hit the Argos website to search for something to keep them all entertained.  We quite often shop at Argos now that the only toy shop in town has sadly closed down and I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised with the range of toys they have, particularly the dedicated shops within their website, such as Skylanders and Lego.

Yet another wet and windy day...

I decided to order some Lego.  The twins had some brilliant little Lego suitcases for their birthday a few weeks back and they have been played with almost non stop since then, so when I spied a great big bucket of Lego (suitable for ages 4-99) I knew it would be a hit. In addition to that I chose a Lego City stunt plane, mainly because my 8 and 11 year olds both love this range and I thought that it might encourage some rare cooperation in building it.

Our Lego delivery

The Lego arrived very promptly and the children were keen to get building straight away!  As predicted dd1 and ds2 set to work on the plane and dd2 and I opened the big bucket of Lego, which was pleasingly packaged in a unisex yellow coloured bucket (I like this - toys do not need to be blue or pink). Inside there was a great array of bricks including some new eye pieces which we'd never seen before. There was also a small booklet of ideas for models. Dd2 immediately requested that I start making these (with her help) so that's just what we did. Ds3 had his own plan and got to work with his own pile of bricks freestyle!  But, then isn't that what Lego is all about?

By the time we'd finished making a couple of small models, ds2 and dd1 had completed the stunt plane and refuelling truck, including putting all the stickers on the plane. They had done a fabulous job (without even arguing!). 

It was lovely to spend time with the children this way. I can't remember the last time we all sat together round the kitchen table playing with one thing. The teen was initially nowhere to be seen, but after an hour or so I had to go and do some other jobs and I was quite surprised on my return to see him sitting with his youngest siblings making models for them to play with.  They were all still playing with the Lego at five o'clock when I came to make their tea. I had to ask them to stop because we needed the table back to eat at!

I may moan at the increasingly huge amount of Lego strewn across the floor in ds1 and ds2's bedroom at times, but I have to admit the children had a fantastic time with these sets,  I've never seen them so engrossed!

We chose this Lego in conjunction with Argos, all opinions are our own.

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