Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I Am A Hoarder

There.  I said it.  I am a hoarder and I keep stuff, just because.  I have always known this a bit but the true extent of my compulsion only really hit me this week when I decided to reorganise my airing cupboard.

I decided that after removing everything I should sort out all the outgrown clothes and keep some for ds2 and the twins, which would need to go into the loft.  So, sorting out the airing cupboard became sorting out the loft as well.  It was an eye opener to say the least.

Once I entered the loft, which I already knew was full to bursting point, I started removing things bit by bit - to be quite honest this was the only way to see what we actually had up there.  Bits of our family past came tumbling out of the loft hatch at an alarming rate.  Dh said junk, I say memories.

So, I sat for a whole afternoon organising children's clothes into ages, getting rid of school uniform (from a school that the children no longer attend) and repackaging the useful bits into black bags, this time with labels.  Dd1 and Ds1 helped by taking all the baby and toddler toys to the local charity shop.  I think we have managed to entirely restock the shop ready for Christmas!  I am rather sad about that of course, ds1's first birthday present, a brio toddler train set, was in that lot.  It had been played with by all our children and was such a solid toy, but I suppose there comes a time when I have to stop hanging on to things and move on.

In addition to that I managed to clear all the unused and far too old linen and cot bedding from the airing cupboard.  I now have a whole shelf devoted to the clothes that ds3 will shortly grow into and the school uniform that ds2 needs in the summer (plus I can still shut the door).

Dd2 has benefitted from the clear out by way of an entire wardrobe of new coats - she is like the Imelda Marcos of winter coats in fact.  A lovely Boden number that I bought two years ago for her to grow into, a full length rain coat bought for a bargain £1.50 in a sale and two ponchos that once belonged to her sister.  Proof that apart from all the "junk" I do sometimes keep useful stuff.  Ds3 also scored a couple of coats too.

Not Useful (Apparently)

Despite my post the other week, I can honestly say that if I never see another cloth nappy again, it might be too soon.  I now have a whole pile of them for sale on a pre-loved cloth group that I still belong to, which hopefully will boost the coffers a little this month.  Sadly, our other baby stuff which I see as being good quality and still very useable seems to be fetching very little on Ebay - why is that always the case?  So it looks like the charity shop will have a few more donations yet.

The whole loft clearing has been a bit emotional for me.  Not just because I like keeping stuff to remind me of when our children were smaller, but also because it marks the closure of a period of our lives that we will probably never have again.  

I am very happy with the extra space though, I'll need it to store more stuff... ;)

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