Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bye Bye Cloth

It's been a good few months since we stopped using nappies on the twins (more like over a year really)  and with encouragement over the last six months we've also stopped using them at night.  My washing machine is suddenly breathing a sigh of relief as the daily loads of twin related laundry are a thing of the past, but I can't help but feel a little nostalgic over the lack of a nappy laden washing line in our back garden.

I had always wanted to use cloth nappies on our children but dh wasn't quite as keen and so our first two children used disposables.  It was only when ds2 was born that I finally decided to give washable nappies a go as the council were making noises about fortnightly bin collections and the thought of 70 or more nappies festering in a bin in our garden made me feel a bit ill.  So, I took the plunge and bought a few different types to try and found it was all pretty easy really.  Ds2 wore cloth until he potty trained at two years old.

When I discovered I was having twins nearly four years later, I got all of our nappies out of the loft and dutifully washed them ready for our new arrivals.  I was going to need a few extra however, so I hit the Internet once more.  This is where insanity hit me.  Things had moved on rather in the cloth nappy world, there were so many new and different types to try.  They were fluffy, pretty, slim and you could even have them custom made to your own design.  I braced my credit card.

Several shopping sprees later and I must admit I had myself a pretty nice looking stash of various types.  I even had matching pairs for every make so that the twins could always be coordinating.  Barely a week went by when I wasn't adding something to our collection.  It was fun and after all if I was going to be changing upwards of 16 nappies a day then I may as well have some enjoyment out of it!

That's not where my love of cloth ended however, I joined forums on the Internet which let me talk with other cloth users about our obsession, sharing information and proudly posting pictures of our latest purchases.  That rush of excitement when one of us found a retailer was having a sale or, more exciting still, a new brand or pattern had been launched!  I made online friends - I even joined Facebook so that I could stay in touch with them.  Many of those people are still my Facebook friends now, it's funny to think that four years ago we all shared such a strange hobby (if that's what you can call it) and now we are still sharing what we get up to as our families grow.  Some of us still use cloth and some don't but we're all still there to chat to one another when the need arises.

As I reached into the back of the chest of drawers in the twins room this week and discovered a handful of nappies still there "just in case" I knew it was time to put them away and finally say goodbye.  I have loved being a cloth nappy user, not only for the distraction it has given me from a fairly mundane task but for all the great friends I've made.  The added bonus of saving money and even making some money back once I had finished with them has been the icing on the cake really.  I'm not sure I'd have had half as much fun with disposables.

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