Thursday, 31 October 2013

Adventures in Baking - White Chocolate Chunk Flapjacks

There hasn't been any baking to update you on in the last few weeks.  Owing to the large amount of birthdays, we've all been a bit caked-out.  This week, everyone has been back at school and in a rare moment of domestic goddess-like behaviour, and with a house to myself for a few hours, I decided to have a search through the cupboards for ingredients to make something.  I found a bar of white cooking chocolate that was pretty much unused (I think my mother had given it to me to finish up after using some for shavings on top of a pudding).  My initial thought was to make some cookies but all of the recipes I found needed ingredients that I didn't have.  Most likely someone had eaten them before I had got a chance to make them into something - typical!

The one thing I did have the ingredients for, however, was flapjacks.  Perfect, I thought, I'll just make them then, and pray really really hard that they don't end up like mini slabs of concrete like my previous efforts have.  Then I looked at the chocolate again.  Maybe I should just save it for another day and buy the extra ingredients I need for cookies.  Then the need for something sweet got the better of me.  No, I'll just throw it into the flapjack mix and see what happens.  So that's what I did.

The results were pretty great to say the least.  I made a special effort to time the flapjacks as they went into the oven - 20 minutes dead at 140ºC to be exact which gave me a soft slightly crumbly flapjack.    The chocolate had given them a really good flavour too.  Everyone wanted more, but sadly the recipe only makes 16 which doesn't last long around here!

Seven of the flapjacks - they ate the rest before I had a chance to take a photo!

So, in case anyone would like to try it, I've written the recipe down for you here:

White Chocolate Chunk Flapjacks

150g butter
120g light brown sugar
1 tablespoon golden syrup
250g porridge oats
100g white cooking chocolate, chopped

Preheat oven to 140ºC (Fan)/150ºC (Electric)/Gas mark 2.

Heat the butter, sugar and syrup gently in a pan until well dissolved.

Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the oats.  Mix until the oats are well coated.

Leave the mixture to cool for a while and then add the white chocolate chunks and stir through until they are evenly distributed.

Press the mixture into a 18cm square tray bake tin, lined with greaseproof paper.

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes (It may need a little longer depending on the oven but don't let it turn golden on top).

Remove tray from oven and leave to cool on wire cooling rack.  Once the flapjack firms up you can remove it from the tin and leave it in the paper to cool further.

When the flapjack is almost fully cooled cut into 16 squares with a sharp knife.

Enjoy on your own with a glass of wine with your children!

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