Friday, 11 October 2013

Adventures in Baking - Part Two

Since I last updated you on my baking journey, I've decided to up my game a little.  October is a month of many birthdays (three, which is far too many really and poor planing on my part too).  So, this month I decided to concentrate on perfecting my cake baking skills.  Remember me telling you about ds2s first birthday cake?  Well, pretty as it was, it tasted quite terrible and despite me covering it in enough icing to make your teeth ache for about a fortnight, the tasteless cake couldn't be hidden.  My aim then, to make a birthday cake that was light and fluffy and tasty all at once (I can dream, right?), so two weeks ago I had a dry run. For this I didn't chose a traditional birthday cake.  As I still had a tub of cocoa to use up, a Chocolate Victoria Sandwich cake in my aforementioned Mary Berry book caught my eye.

The twins and I set to work, combining the ingredients as directed in the all in one recipe and dividing into each lined tin.  

I even used the scales so that each tin had the right amount.  The results were fairly impressive if I say so myself.  There was a lot of mixture but it gave me a nice deep but fluffy cake which everyone seemed to enjoy.  New Baking Powder definitely helped too.

Buoyed by this success, I used the same recipe without the cocoa to make a birthday cake for the twins last week.  I wanted to keep the decorations fairly simple so went with buttercream and a tonne of dolly mixtures!  Poor dh went to about half a dozen shops in the city centre to find them as it appears no shops near our house actually sell them.  I think the results were pretty good although I had issues with the jam oozing out of the middle owing to the weight of the top layer.  It all tasted great however, and so I prepare to attempt cake number three for ds1s birthday this week.  Currently I'm wondering if I can do some sort of minecraft themed cake of if my imagination has got the better of me!

Terrible picture and I forgot to put it on a plate

In other baking news, I finally managed to get a good result with the chocolate fork biscuits attempted previously.  It turns out that I really should have read the recipe properly and used soft margarine and not butter.  As you can see my second attempt resulted in a much bigger biscuit and the weren't burnt this time!

So lesson learnt, always read the recipe properly and use the correct ingredients.

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