Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Rainy Day Adventure

One of the problems I have now that the older three children are in school in the day and the twins are only at pre-school for half a day, is that quite often (well, ok its every day) we tend to just do the school run and then flop in front of the television until its time for the next school run or whatever.  Unfortunately, we live in what is possibly the rainiest part of the universe which makes the getting out and about a bit of a miserable affair, plus it takes about four hours to get everyone suitably dressed for the weather.  That said, I was feeling a bit fed up of our four walls this week and there's only so much Mr Tumble any parent can take in one day, so the twins and I donned our waterproofs (official costume of Cheshire) and went out for a little adventure.

We really didn't have to go too far afield as our local town is blessed with a couple of pretty decent nature reserves.  We've visited before, on Sunday afternoons, when the twins were much smaller and I could push them around in a buggy, but I haven't been back recently and I'm really not sure why.

When we arrived we were met with a bear!  Our town is otherwise known as Bear Town and a few years ago the town was adorned with fibreglass bears which were decorated by schools and businesses and placed all around the town - this is one of the bears who now has a permanent place up high on a pole overlooking the mere.

Bear on high

The twins then set about to see if we could find a real one...

Bear Hunt!!!

We found some ducks but they were quite far away.

Look Ducks!
They are out there somewhere!

They were a bit scared at this part of the track - apparently the bear might live down here and be waiting for us!

Beware of the bear!

We did find some coots - they were looking a bit hungry, but our snacks weren't for them.

We stayed for a while and watched the birds in the mere, including some rather menacing looking swans, who also seemed to be after something to eat!

Finally, we managed to capture a picture of one of these little robins.  There were several, all flitting between the bushes busily searching for food.  

Robins always make me think of shhh... Christmas

Having something to eat ourselves seemed like a good idea at this point and as our adventure began with a bear it seemed only fitting that  it should end with one too.  Fortunately I brought some of the new Barny bear shaped cakes with me, which are individually wrapped and could therefore be popped into my handbag.  They are perfect for taking on an adventure and the twins chose the chocolate flavoured variety which have a milk filling (there are also plain sponge with a chocolate filling too, we had those when we got back!).  The twins thought they were delicious (so did I!).


Bears can be tasty too!

We really enjoyed our autumnal walk and we are definitely going to do it again soon, if only to see if we can find that bear!

Even the Car Park was full of nature, but no bears

This post is an entry for BritMums 'Little Adventures Challenge' in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite.  Find out more about Barny here.

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