Monday, 30 September 2013

Twin Love - The Best Things About Having Twins

Recently, I'd lost the twin love, they have been quite hard work to parent over the holidays, but now that we've got a new routine in place since the start of the new term, I feel the fog starting to lift and I've finally got my twin mum mojo back. I thought that in celebration of this I would do a quick post on the things that I really enjoy about having twins, especially for those who are new parents of multiples or even those who are still expecting them and might be reading this.

1. Two for the price of one

What I mean by this is that compared to having two singletons a year or two apart (I've done this too so can compare fairly accurately), with twins you rarely have to put in double the effort with things like weaning and potty training.  Instead of going back a step and starting afresh with each child like the parents of singletons have to, us lucky people with twins get to do it all at once with both children.  When I was pregnant people told me that this would be really hard.  It isn't at all.

2.  Having two children at the same stage instead of at different ones

Compared to that moment with my first two children, when I had to try to get them both out of the car at the same time - one baby, one toddler, which one first?  Will I balance the baby on my shoulder while unstrapping the toddler or try to get the toddler to stand safely while I get the baby out? (you get the idea), handling two children at the same developmental stage is far more straightforward.  They also play with and are interested in the same things.  Not only that but there is only one set of toys to store.  Brilliant.

Together we stand...

3.  Feeling like a celebrity every time you go out with them

I love love loved this!  Every time you take your babies out there is always someone who stops you to admire them and more importantly, tell you that you are a supermum.  What an ego boost!  I was especially pleased when I took my twins out for lunch one day and a lady on a nearby table came over to compliment me on their good behaviour during our meal.  I grinned from ear to ear and still do when I think of it now.

4.  Watching them interact with one another 

They are hugging here, really...
My twins are totally on the same level as one another.  I suppose they always have been.  The first time I noticed this was when ds3 had a small operation when they were five months old.  We had taken both twins to hospital with us and dd2 stayed with her brother and I on the ward.  Once ds3's anaesthetic has worn off I remember putting both babies on the bed to change them.  Dd2 shot her brother a huge grin and he responded with an equally large smile and a gurgle while kicking his legs with glee.  It was only then that I realised he was really feeling better and only she could have got that response from him!  I still love listening to their little conversations now.  Even when they are being mischievous I can see that they share a relationship that is something totally different from anything I have witnessed between their siblings.

5.  Twice the love, twice the fun

This is a massive cliché but it is true.  There is really nothing like feeling two small people hug you tight both at once or tickling two tummies simultaneously and watching the resulting belly laughs and writhing limbs.  Whenever I look at them I think "I did that, two at once, it's special", and while every parent/child relationship is special, as a twin parent I feel that it's a different kind of special, like being in a secret club where only other mothers of multiples know exactly how you feel.

Twin cuddles are the best kind of cuddles

I love being a mum of twins.  When I first found out I was having them I really didn't know what to expect (apart from the "helpful" advice you sometimes get from people who generally don't have any experience themselves) and while it isn't always a walk in the park, I'm really really glad it happened to me.


  1. I also have twins (identical girls) and I know what you mean about it being great when you get both of them being tickled at the same time! I love the double giggles I get and now I know why I was given two hands - one for each child. I also love it when I say to them that I would like 'twinnie kisses' and they both kiss me on either side of my face at the same time :-)

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes I actually think that is the best bit of all. It certainly makes the slightly less enthralling parts of parenting them fade to the back of my mind!


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