Friday, 6 September 2013

The Lazy Mother's Guide to Shoe Shopping Online

Last year, just before the start of the school holidays, I noticed that Clarks shoes had added a new feature to their website, the ability to buy shoe sizing gauges for children directly from them.  This, together with a special size calculator page on their website, means that you can now order shoes from their children's range and fit them yourself at home.  This is an absolute godsend for me, as the thought of doing the back to school shoe shop during August always sends me into panic.  I usually have to choose a weekend to shop and enlist my husband to help as not only is our local shoe shop quite busy, but it can take some considerable time to get everyone measured and fitted while keeping them all smiling!

To begin with I was a little unsure of my ability to measure the children's feet as accurately as the staff in our local Clarks shop.  Because of this I decided to measure the twins feet first and then go into the store and ask them to check the size again for me.  There is a lot of information on the Clarks website to enable parents to obtain the correct size for their child.  In addition to this the gauges come with a leaflet giving step by step instructions on how to use.  We purchased two, one infant sized and one junior sized to cover all the sizes we needed!  Once I had measured them and had everything checked in store to make sure I was doing things correctly (they had both gone up a size and a half, I thought I'd made a mistake!), I bought shoes during our store visit.  The staff were quite helpful in telling me what to look for when checking them.  

Our shoe sizing gauges

When it came to choosing school shoes for the older three children I decided to measure their feet at home again and order the shoes into store for fitting.  This was excellent as not only were our shoes waiting for us when we arrived, but they were the right size and the children didn't moan about coming away with something they didn't want because their favourite style wasn't in stock.  Result!

This time I am confident that I can measure their feet and so I've ordered their new school shoes to be delivered to our home.  Because I'm so lazy a lot of styles were out of stock on the main Clarks website and so I've used John Lewis, who also stock Clarks shoes and had a free delivery option.  They had dd1's favourite style in stock and also something suitable for ds2.

I thoroughly recommend the fit at home gauges by Clarks, they have totally simplified our approach to children's shoe shopping and are well worth considering if you are a parent in a similar boat to us!

This is not a sponsored post.  All products mentioned have been bought by me.  All opinions are my own, I'm sharing because I really like the products.

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