Monday, 23 September 2013

New Lipstick

I rarely go shopping.  I don't even food shop much (dh does this!) and I prefer to stay at home and use the internet to buy stuff mostly.  Yesterday though my mother decided to take me shopping and buy me a few treats which was lovely of her and totally unexpected to be honest.

Here for your perusal is my haul - new winter scarf, pyjamas and socks and most importantly a new lip gloss.

I love lip glosses and balms and have lots of them (see my Pinterest board here for details!).  I find it really hard not to buy them when I shop and they are usually so inexpensive that I find they jump into online shopping baskets with relative ease!  I usually go for a Lancome Juicy Tube when mum offers to buy (she's a big Lancome fan herself which helps) but recently I have been favouring a Clinique Chubby Stick which I found in the bottom of my make up bag.  I love it because unlike the Juicy Tube it isn't sticky so my hair doesn't get attached to my lips on breezy days, not a good look on the school run, and so I chose a new one of these yesterday.

Dd1 seems to have recently inherited my love of all things lipstick and has a little stash of her own growing.  She often asks me if I've got bored with any of mine yet and can she finish them off for me!  I don't mind much as glosses are relatively natural and don't stay on for too long and she doesn't have any other make-up apart from this.  I thought that due to her age she was the only one likely to have inherited this trait.

Imagine my surprise then, when on opening my shopping bags yesterday, little dd2 suddenly pipes up, "Mummy, what is that?", pointing to the new gloss, so I showed her.  As I opened up the box and pulled the lip pen from its packet she suddenly squealed with delight "Oooohhhhhhh!!!".  

Looks like I've got another addict on my hands then...

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