Thursday, 19 September 2013

My Big Night In

I quite like entering the odd competition here and there, sometimes I've even been lucky enough to win one (like the time I won a whole heap of nappies - which was quite handy with baby twins).  So anyway, I've seen a challenge on the excellent blog by Little Stuff to write a blog post about how I'd spend £750 on a really good night in as part of a competition by the people at Two Little Fleas.  Here is my entry.

Dh and I don't get out much so we're good at having epic nights in, or at least we were until the offspring descended upon us.  These days it's a challenge to even stay awake past 9.00 pm but if I had £750 to blow on one evening I'd give it a jolly good go.

Firstly, our evening in would be for us, just us, no other people.  Selfish?  Well, yes I suppose so, but when you've been wrangling small folk all day then sharing anything further with anyone becomes a bit of a touchy subject. Ours would be an evening of memories - things that we used to do or even be able to afford before we decided to become parents.

Mothers' Ruin
Don't forget the mixers
Secondly, there would be gin, really posh gin (something that I never get a chance to appreciate these days) and some fever tree tonic water to accompany it.  Once we'd had a few of those I'd crack open some red wine and order a take away curry, delivered from our favourite local restaurant, because lets face it, life is too short for cooking.  We'd be able to order our own starters and everything that we liked instead of sharing to keep the cost down like usual.

How about a nice Vindaloo?

For entertainment I would buy a nice shiny new Bose sound dock (our current one is actually from the ark and prone to moments of complete silence) and a really top of the range iPod touch onto which I'd load all our music.  I would even let dh buy all those albums he's fancied for ages but has been putting off buying.

Shiny and it works!
Plenty of room for our tunes

I think this is the one he wanted - he's down with the kids you see...

After our curry I'd have some Leonidas Belgian chocolates.  Dh once bought me some from Antwerp as a peace offering for going on a stag weekend - they were so good I did forgive him for leaving me for two whole days with a two year old and an 8 week old (sort of..).

Yummy - one of the best presents dh has ever bought me

Lastly, after all that food we'd probably settle down to watch a film or two so I'd choose our favourite two films, Control and 24 Hour Party People (Both set partly in the town where we had our first home).  Watching them again would certainly be a welcome change to watching the X Factor with the pre-teens.  Although our TV is great I think it would benefit from a Sony sound bar so that we could appreciate the excellent soundtracks, so I'd have one of those too.

Listening in style

My evening may not be terribly fancy or exciting to most people but it would be great for reminiscing about the time before the kids took over our lives.  We're celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary soon and I'd love to be able to surprise my husband like this.  Despite dreaming about the times when it was just us two, I bet the one thing we'd end up talking about the most would of course be this:

Our best achievement to date.

Thank you to and for providing me with the inspiration for this post!


  1. Selfish? Nah, if you are then I am too as my entry had the kids banished to the grandparents for the night,lol!
    Glad to see it's not just me as all the other posts I've read have been cooking up yummy food for the kids at the party, and I'm all "kids?! What are they doing there, bring on the booze and let's party!" lol


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