Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Changing Rooms

We've lived in this house now for nearly 12 years.  When we first bought it we did lots of redecorating, changing the boring magnolia walls for something more colourful, barely a month went by when we didn't paint something.  Then when we found ourselves expecting the twins we decided to paint all the upstairs rooms white to give us more flexibility with room swapping without the major expense of redecorating every time.  I'd like to think this paid off but in reality the children have stayed in the same rooms since.  The older boys have a big double room complete with bunk beds and obligatory games console.  Dd1 had the double room at the back of the house and the twins had the littlest bedroom which my husband had painstakingly made baby friendly with blanking plates over the sockets and a lovely patterned blind at the window to complement the white walls and pale wood furniture.

Four years later, I found myself one evening, after tucking the twins in to bed, looking at their little cot beds and realising that they suddenly looked a bit large in them.  "It's time to get them bigger beds" I said to dh who instantly gave me a withering look.  So out came my tape measure and off I went to research new beds.

I really really wanted them to have bunk beds, the twins really really wanted to have bunk beds, but at the tender age of three (nearly four) I discovered that this wasn't going to be a very safe option unless I fancied outlaying nearly £600 on a quite fabulous looking bunk cotbed which I found here.  I couldn't justify doing this unfortunately as these beds are only suitable until age 6 which would only give us two more years before facing the same dilemma again. I decided that until the twins were big enough for proper bunk beds we would have to buy them single beds that were small enough to fit into their room and cheap enough to be affordable as a short-medium term solution.  Only trouble was, their room was tiny.

"I'll swap with them", said dd1 (really she's not stupid, I think she could see that securing the small room meant that she would have a room only suitable for one person, meaning she will never have to share ever).  So we decided on a swap and I finally chose two Ikea children's beds which would still give them some space to play on the floor and bridge the gap between cots and bunks nicely.

Having never done any sort of room swapping or decorating since we made their original room, I really got into the swing of things.  I even had a Pinterest board!  I decided to keep the very neutral scheme we already had and fortunately the blind in their current room fitted the widow in the new room (advantages of living in a new build!).  We bought white bedding, the new beds and that was about it!  Dh didn't get away with not getting a paintbrush out completely, there was a small amount of drilling and filling and touching up but I have to say it was a far quicker process than we'd anticipated and we are all really pleased with the results.  

This corner still needs work!

The best bit was that on a recent sort out I found a couple of fabric wall hangings that belonged to ds1 as a toddler - they went straight on the walls and fit in nicely with our animal theme.  I'd like to get a few more things for the walls to finish the room off properly, there is a big space where the wardrobe should really go, although we've decided they don't need a wardrobe at the moment so I feel that I need to cheer the walls up a bit with something colourful.  I also plan on getting some colourful throws for the end of the beds, maybe different colours to give them a bit more individual style for each child.  Other than that I'm confident that what we've done should last them a good few years until they require something more grown up again.

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