Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bubble Blowing

I'm not a massive user of Pinterest by any means, I'm not even very good at using it.  I still have a board of Christmas ideas left from last year, none of which we actually attempted, but with the end of the holidays looming and trying to stick to a bit of a budget, I was wondering what we could do to fill up our last afternoon together without spending any money.

My girls and I quite enjoy browsing Pinterest on the iPad (the boys less so, unless it's a decorating idea for a Super Mario themed bedroom or something equally hideous) so on one of our browsing sessions we managed to find a couple of tutorials for making bubble snakes.  It looked like fun and so we gave it a whirl.

Things we used:

Some empty fizzy drink bottles
Some old socks
Washing up liquid
A shallow container to put the bubble mixture in

Firstly, we cleaned out our bottles and took the labels off as well as any of the plastic around the neck. You will notice that we didn't have any fizzy drink bottles available and so had to improvise with tonic water bottles.  I really hope you also appreciate exactly how many gin and tonics my husband and I had to drink in order to complete this activity - sometimes parenting is really demanding after all.

Next I cut the ends of the bottles off with some sharp scissors.  We then popped a sock over the open end of each bottle.

I put some washing up liquid into a shallow container and added a small amount of water to make a bubble mixture.  If you are going to do this you might have to play around with the quantities a bit depending on the type of washing up liquid and hardness of your water. 

We dipped the sock covered end of the bottle into the bubble mixture and blew through the bottle to create the bubble snakes!

I have seen some posts where people used food colouring too.  You can drop various colours onto parts of the sock and the bubbles that then come through will be coloured, but we didn't have any food colouring on account of me being rubbish at baking, so we gave that a miss.

The results were fairly impressive although would have been better if we had some sports socks as the towelling keeps more bubble mixture in its fibres meaning that you don't have to dip the bubble blower in the mixture so often.

Unfortunately my pictures aren't very representative of the fun we had, mainly because the kids found it quite funny to try and cover me in as much foam as possible!  We will definitely be repeating this activity when the weather warms up again next year as it was so simple!

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