Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Adventures in Baking - Part One

I thought it was about time I updated you all on my Adventures in Baking project which you can read about here.  Its been a few weeks since I decided to do this but having achieved nothing so far and finding ourselves at a loose end last Thursday I decided now was the time to start.

Dd2 was quite keen to help and so we had a quick rifle through the kitchen cupboards for ingredients and came up with enough things to bake Mary Berry's Chocolate Fork Biscuits which I found in a book my mother had given me (I think she pities my poor baking skills to be honest), Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book - if you are going to learn you may as well learn from the best!

Unfortunately due partly to our over-excitement and also my forgetfulness, we forgot to take any pictures of the baking in progress, but here is a quick shot I took on my phone of the final product.

Also for your enjoyment, here is another photo of a rather excited child wearing an apron.

Unfortunately, although the biscuits were edible they had a slight taste of burnt cocoa about them.  I think I'd left them in the oven for a bit too long.  Tell me though Mary, how on earth are you supposed to tell whether a biscuit is golden brown when it is the colour of chocolate in the first place? Eh? Eh?  I think that my biscuit baking is going to take further practise, I'm clearly not  heading for a place in the Bake Off just yet.  My poor children will also be sampling yet more chocolate based baking this week as I've discovered an almost completely full tub of Green & Black's cocoa powder that needs using up and I hate waste, especially chocolate.  Watch this space for my next instalment!

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