Friday, 30 August 2013

Why We Love: Our Micro Scooters

Its nearly September and my thoughts are turning to the school run again.  A year ago I had four out of five of my children to ferry to the school gate and back daily which wasn't so much of a problem as the twins were quite happy to ride in their pushchair.  Now, a year later, they are too big for all that and so we have come up with a new way of getting about.  Our Micro Scooters.

The twins trying out their scooters for the first time

We've actually had the scooters for some time.  Ds2 originally owned the blue Mini Micro Scooter and when he was five we replaced it with one of their two wheeled models, the Sprite.  Dd1 also owns a Sprite and last year, when the twins were three, I bought a second Mini Micro for dd2.  We were also able to purchase a replacement brake for the blue Mini Micro as well as helmets, direct from their website.

The reason that I love our scooters so much is that they have become the perfect mode of transport for getting about where walking alone would leave or smaller children too tired.  Often in the morning on a school day we can be rushed and need to get to school quickly which is just not possible with one three year old in tow, let alone two. The scooters allow us to get there at normal walking pace, in fact, these days I am often left running behind everyone trying to catch up!  One of the most impressive things about the scooters is that the twins have really mastered using them quickly which gives me greater confidence when out and about with them both.  In addition to this they are really well made.  When the children use them, the scooters are silent, I mean, really really silent, which if you've ever owned any other sort of cheap scooter you'll know is much better when you've got a couple of scooters trundling along next to you, because the noise can be quite tiring!

We bought our Micro Scooters from their website here.  They also stock a massive range of other scooters and accessories.  I plan to buy some of the accessories as stocking fillers and birthday presents over the next few months.  Its worth signing up for their newsletter via the website for any offers or free delivery codes too.

This is not a sponsored post.  We bought the products mentioned ourselves and just want to share our love of them.

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