Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Room 101

I've read a few other blog posts recently in which the author has been tagged to write a Room 101 list as part of a meme.  I thought this looked quite fun so I'm adding mine.  Here are the things that I'd rather do without.

Head Lice

My allies in the war against nits

Seriously, what is the point of them?  Apart from to make mothers like me curse and swear as their little cherubs bring yet another infestation home.  I have spent a good deal of my time as a parent either checking for them or removing them.  If they weren't here just think of the things I could spend all that extra time on.  My husband would probably say "cleaning more", my 13 year old has just shouted "drinking wine"... the cheek!

Nigel Slater

Now, I quite like his books, they have some really good recipes and I do own a couple, but his television series I could quite happily lock away, never to be seen again.  I object mainly to the ingredients he has at his fingertips, as he casually opens his fridge to see what he can cook up.  A whole piece of pancetta?  A small sliver of some very obscure cheese that probably cost as much as our weekly food budget?  A loaf of Artisan bread?  Always, always wrapped up in brown paper and tied with string.  Which delicatessen does that?  None round here and definitely not in Morrissons.  He, or rather his producer at least, needs a reality check.  It is not aspirational, it is annoying.


My children are Lego mad, me not so much.  I always seem to be treading on it, vacuuming it up or trying to locate the most obscure piece of it in order for someone to complete a model.  I know it is a great toy and even educational to a certain extent but a house without Lego would be my dream.  Storing it is the worst thing.  No matter how many Ikea storage units you buy it will never be enough to contain it.  I am sure it breeds on its own, a bit like bacteria in a petri-dish.

I would like to thank Afra at Madmumof7 - Living it Large for the idea for this post.  You can read her list here.

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  1. Yes, Lego is a pain - in the foot - but without it my 6 year old boy would have nothing to do when told to take some quiet time!


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