Friday, 30 August 2013

Adventures in Baking

I'm not much of a baker.  What I mean by that is that I'm ok with savoury things and bread with the aid of a bread machine, but sweet things like cake and biscuits evade me somewhat.  I've had numerous baking disasters over the years, mainly since the arrival of children which makes my lack of skill in this area far more galling.  I'd love to be the sort of mother that can whip up a couple of dozen cookies with barely any effort at all, as an afternoon snack for the hordes to eat once they return from school, but I'm just not.

Ds2's yummy looking cake...

To illustrate, here is a picture of ds2's first birthday cake (an Annabel Karmel recipe no less).  Looks nice doesn't it?  Underneath all the icing lay a cake that was too terrible for words, dry and tasteless and not the sort of thing you asked for seconds of.  My family were speechless.

I thought then that I'd try to use my blog as a bit of encouragement for myself in this area.  Although largely I'm talking to myself at the moment, if its on the web for all to see then it will serve as an incentive for me to pull my socks up and get stuck in, won't it?

So, if anyone is actually reading this and thinks they have a cake or biscuit recipe that might be worth me trying then please send me a comment or email.  I'll give anything a try and will be sure to blog about it and include photographs for your entertainment!


  1. I'm rubbish at cooking generally but I've always been quite good at baking (although I'm getting used to a new oven at the moment, so not everything is working like it used to). Here's a mega easy cookie recipe to try.
    4oz butter (not marg!), 4oz caster sugar, 1 egg (beaten) 1 tsp vanilla essence, 6oz self raising flour, small bag choc-chips (6oz +)
    Cream buuter & sugar until fluffy. Beat in the egg & vanilla. Sift flour into mixture & fold in with choc chips. Drop about a tablespoonful of mixture onto baking tray (grease proof paper is useful!), leaving plenty of space. Bake for about 10 mins at 180 degrees, GM4 (less for fan assisted).

    1. Oh, thank you! I shall add that to my list of things to try over the next few weeks. So far I've had requests for brownies that aren't burnt and flapjacks that are chewy not crunchy! If I can manage biscuits that aren't overdone then I will really be pleased. Watch this space...

    2. The trick with Flapjack being chewy is the temperature of the oven (I read this somewhere!) - don't go for 200 degrees, aim more for 160 degrees.


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