Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wicked Wednesdays

Told them to go and play outside...


Mum, can I have my ears pierced?

I happened to be in Claire's Accessories a few years ago doing some shopping.  There was a young girl in there at the same time having her ears pierced.  She was sobbing, saying she didn't want it done, she was frightened that it would hurt.  Her mum was encouraging her to stick with it and in her words "you have to have it done at some time".  Myself and other shoppers shot each other looks of shock.  The young shop assistant with the ear piercing gun didn't know what to do for the best.  If it was my child I would have taken her away, reassured her that she didn't need to have it done until she was ready, but the young girl's mother was still insisting.  It upset me so much that I walked out of the shop without the things I had gone to buy.

DD1 has always wanted to have her ears pierced one day.  All her friends have had it done.  She is the last.

Now, I'm not a terribly strict mum, but initially I didn't want her to have it done. Why would anyone want to do that to their child's ears?  They look beautiful enough to me as they are.  It took me four long years to persuade my parents to let me get my ears pierced and now I don't even bother wearing earrings anymore.

DD1 has remained pretty insistent since the start of year 6.  She has not swayed from this at all.  I have always said no but she is older now, able to deal with cleaning them and looking after them as they heal.  Suddenly it doesn't seem such a big deal.  Especially after I had fought long and hard with my folks 30 odd years ago over the same thing, this wasn't something I felt necessary to do with DD1.  You've got to pick your battles after all.

At the weekend she went off to my mums house for the afternoon.  On returning her home it was my mother who asked, "can she have her ears pierced? I'm going to get mine done too".  It appears that my 11 year old daughter and my 70 year old mother had hatched a plan to get them done together (I'm not going to bore you with the story of why my mother has reached the age of 70 having never had her ears pierced but she has).  So I agreed.  Only on the proviso that they went to the tattoo and piercing parlour in town to have it done.  I figure that if it's your business to use needles on people's skin then you are less likely to get it wrong - certainly less likely than a sixteen year old Saturday girl in Claire's is.

So on Monday morning that's where they went.

DD1 assures me that it didn't really hurt much and came home with supplies of witch hazel and cotton buds for cleaning them.  

My mum said that when they went into the chemist to ask for it all the assistant exclaimed "just had your ears pierced?!" and when my mum said "yes, me too!" She was told "you'll be getting a tattoo next!".  

Perish the thought.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

One more day...

One more day before I no longer have to trip over a thousand school bags and shoes at the bottom of the staircase.

One more day before I won't need to rinse 2 kg of grime out of the bottom of the bathtub every night.

One more day until I'll no longer hear the words "oh, I've forgotten my homework" at 10 pm,

Or "Muuuum, I'm hungry" at 4 pm daily.

One more day until I'll be able to see that the alarm clock says 7.30 am and I know I can ignore it and stay in bed.

One more day until I don't have to bark like a Sergeant Major to get them out of the house on time.

One more day until I won't hear "Mum, I need..." At 9 pm the day before it is needed,

Or "I've left my coat at school" (again).

One more day,

Just one...

Friday, 18 July 2014


Never more have I been thankful for a Friday (see reasons in last post).

I was just messing around and wasting time checking important stuff on Facebook and I couldn't resist joining in with Kerrie over at Wife, Mum, Student Bum and her very spontaneous photo linky.

This is my entry to that, a picture which makes me very happy because it is Friday.


All I will add to that is DH if you are reading this, we are nearly out of tonic water - can you pick some up on the way home?  Cheers.

Word of the Week

I haven't joined in with word of the week for quite some time but when Jocelyn tweeted me this morning to ask if I'd like to join in I thought now seem like the perfect opportunity.  The word that sums up my week this week is

It seems I have had very little time for my blog this last few weeks.  End of term preparations and other things have meant that my time has been spent elsewhere.  It is quite frustrating for me and I shall be glad when the week is over finally and we can all have a bit of a rest.  I have so many things I need to write about, I just need some time to do it!

On Monday it was time for everybody to go back to school and work, only the twins were a bit under the weather and so they had a day at home, which turned into two days and then three.  Finally yesterday it was time for them to return to pre-school.  They now have less than a week left before they move on to the main school after the holidays.  It is time that I can't wait to pass in a way.  I am so aware that they have outgrown pre-school and need something more challenging.  They are both really looking forward to September and so am I!

On Tuesday I decided to use the spare time I had not doing school runs to tidy up the boys' bedroom yet again.  There were so many outgrown toys and clothes and books in their room.  It was definitely time for a change.  I also used the opportunity to tidy up the twins bedroom too and they have inherited quite a lot of the boys' stuff, including some storage which they are delighted about.  It feels good to be a bit more organised, even during the chaos of the end of term.  I'm really glad I spend the time doing it.

Yesterday my two eldest children went on school trips.  If you read regularly you may remember my anguish at sending my son on his trip to a theme park, however I needn't have worried because they only had four hours there in the end which left very little time to go on many of the bigger rides.  I did feel a little sorry for him but he says he had a good time regardless.

While all of this has been going on, dh has managed to hurt his back too.  He is in so much pain and I'm convinced that all he really needs is a bit of time to let it heal properly, which is easier said than done when he has had work commitments to attend to all week.

As you can see, time very accurately sums up our week. Time spent doing things, not enough time to do other things, and more time needed.  In fact as you read this it will be time for my oldest two children to come home from school for the last time this academic year.  Hopefully, once school is over next week I'll have some more time to join in regularly with WotW and to spend on my blog and more importantly with my family!

Which word sums up your week?

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

10 things I won't miss about term time

Every day just lately it's getting harder and harder to get up out of bed and start the morning routine, or is that just me?  I hate this time of year because the children are hardly doing anything at school (although the older ones love the lack of homework) and they are all really tired.  It's a bit dull.  Kind of like being in limbo.  I wish the holidays would hurry up and get here.  The last few weeks really can't pass by quickly enough.

In my head this morning I was making a list.  A list of the things that I won't need to do in two weeks' time and that I will not be looking forward to come September.  It was very nearly several lists because there are loads of little things that I won't miss (like having Zombie children - but then the teen nearly always is like that anyway) so I am going to share my top ten with you.
  1. Making packed lunches every day at 7.00 am - because there are only so many cheese sandwiches anyone can make at that time of the day.
  2. Washing school uniform including smelly PE Kits! - I have enough washing to do without this as well.
  3. Ironing school uniform - or anything for that matter.
  4. Nagging children to do homework - guaranteed to cause a row of massive proportions.
  5. Nagging children to get out of bed in the morning - I rather like the peace and quiet when they are asleep.
  6. Buying ingredients for Home Economics lessons - always seems to involve buying something that I would never usually get rather than ingredients I actually have in my kitchen, and always remembered at the last minute.
  7. Doing the school run in the rain - nobody likes this surely?
  8. Waiting outside school every day for 45 minutes while DS2 gathers his belongings together - I have the slowest child in all the world.
  9. Receiving a raft of e-mails, none of which are very important, from the school office every day (I have had 13 in the last week - 5 of those were yesterday) - I spend ages reading them and deleting them and then always seem to miss the most important ones.
  10. Paying for school trips - why do they need to go on so many trips?
Needless to say I am now on a countdown until the final school run.  I plan on celebrating it's completion with a large gin - never mind the fact that I have six weeks at home with all five kids still to plan.  Happy Holidays!

Do you agree with my list?  Do you have your own list?  What's on it?  I'd love it if you could share in the comments below.